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by MusicforCats Album One
This is music composed specifically for cats and has been verified to be effective by two separate university studies.
At first glance, the idea of cat music makes reasonable people think "whaaa?", But this is true. This song is taken from the first full album of species-specific music that was created using a process that has been tested and verified by independent scientists (University of Wisconsin-Madison and Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine). The release of the album further promotes our goal of providing enrichment for animals based on the unique perception, communication and development of each species.
This music was designed from the ground up to appeal to cat sensitivity, just like human music is designed to appeal to humans. If we want to connect with our cats through sound in a meaningful way, shouldn't we try to hear the world as they hear it? Brain development and cat vocalizations are the foundation of this music, making it a new and unique form of communication and environmental enrichment that can improve the relationship between you and your feline companion.
For more information on the background of this music and the results of independent studies, visit our website:

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