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"Disir Nornir"

Amateur breeding, which deals with the  protection and safeguard  of the Norwegian forest breed
Protecting the Norwegian cat means to me,
safeguarding this NATURAL breed   (read the origins of the breed)   through the study and comparison with other breeders, trying to preserve those bloodlines that are being lost in favor of others, used simply for aesthetic purposes.

Maelstrom Noel Grey


How did I become a "Guardian" of the Natural Race  Norwegian Forest Cat "?

Sometimes I wonder too ...

To tell the truth, I never chose it ...

it has been a long journey .. made above all of

love for these cats, creatures so perfect,

loving, joyful, who fill your life with

unconditional affection.

I've always been an animal lover,

since childhood, but my adventure with cats

Norwegian forest starts in 2006; I saw

my first Norwegian cat on the internet,

maybe how is happening to you in this

moment ... it was a beautiful white cat

with magic eyes, a magnetic gaze,

sweet but so full of pride ...

This cat that remained so impressed on me

his name was Noel Maelstrom.

After some searching, to find a

Norwegian in Italy, another photo kidnapped mine

heart ..... it was him!

Cagliostro Vani's Ark, what would be later

became my first Norwegian Forest Cat ...

What a thrill it was to go and get it !! I remember like it was yesterday, the walk in the center of Arezzo, with my beloved treasure in the carrier ... and the return trip with Cagliostro who was all composed and sat on the back seat with his paws crossed .... he was a real Lord! and he would have kept this beautiful pride of his forever ... until his last moments of life, where with that paw of his, slightly protruding his nails ... he squeezed my hand for the last time ...

Day after day my passion has grown and the desire for knowledge has pushed me to deepen their history ... and so without realizing it and driven by the passion towards their history and their so proud character, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ I was already in Milan to pick up Genny ... the future bride of Cagliostro ....

I had become a "Norwegian Guardian" without realizing it "....

and so over time new friends arrived, such as Vamyr, Crystal, Maya, Isak, Brisingamen, Coral, Castella, Riddick, Brilliant, Agra, Catelyn, Marvel, Kamiko, Erza ..... some of them lived only part of the their life with me .... others are gone ... Genny is 15 years old and lives with me while his children   Willy and Charlie _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ have recently left me ...

vanis' ark cagliostro.jpg

It is not easy to explain for me who am not a writer, what a wonderful experience it is  to be able to live with the Norwegian Cats ... treat them, see them born, grow .... but also  being there  in the moment of illness and death. .. all this becomes  inevitably un personal growth path and despite the suffering to which it exposes me to raise, I am really grateful to these special beings, for everything they teach me every day , where their proximity, so clear and clean, is capable of healing your heart .. even from the most deep wounds.





I have always been fascinated by mythology, since I was a child, but only thanks to the Norwegian cats, that I got to know Norse mythology.

The Disir are a large group of female spirits who preside over Asgard, they determine the fate of all humans and gods. The three most important disir are the Nornir Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld, whose names translate to "What is success "," What is happening "and" What will come "


These three Nornir are hidden under Yddrasil, the World Tree, which has its roots in the water of the well of Urd and to prevent its roots from rotting the disir nornir scatter sand all around.

As they sit under the world tree, Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld weave the threads of man's destiny.

Alongside these three Nornir there are many other Disir that come when a person is born in order to determine his fate, they are both benevolent and malevolent.

Recent research has discussed the relationship between the Norns and the Valkyries, women who visited infants in pre-Christian Norse societies.


The Disir Nornir remind me that the only constant in the universe is "Change" and with that in mind ... I imagine a large loom, the warp threads on the loom as our biological, spiritual, cultural heritage .... I imagine Urðr , Verðandi, and Skuld who weave the weft with the threads of our choices, which we have given them, the conscious and unconscious choices of all beings become the weft threads which are then woven together with the thread of inheritance and joining forming the magically mysterious fabric of the Multiverse.



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