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Adopted adults


They are looking for a loving family

two cats of about 7 years

If you want to know  all details and photos,  


 phone 3894984632

A presentation e-mail is welcome


The TAXATION is required to secure windows, balconies and if the garden is present, the construction of a "catrun" (fence) that does not allow escape is requested.

A cognitive visit is required in order to establish if there is a feeling between you and the cat.

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  Preface:   this practice of re-entrusting adults can give rise to severe criticism and prejudice from those who have never raised in their life_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and has a tendency to accuse the breeder of not loving his cats and of exploiting them, abandoning them when he no longer needs them.

However, although it cannot be ruled out that in the breeding world there are shady figures more interested in their own self-interest than in the well-being of cats, it is important to understand this practice without making a bundle of all the grass.

In fact, the first and most important thing to keep in mind is that the role of the breeder and the reason why he breeds is not to "collect" cats but to select the most suitable specimens to carry on the breed.

But making selection means contributing to the maintenance of the genetic pool that determines a breed in a constructive way and not producing puppies that are always children of the same parents: in fact, to reduce the degree of consanguinity between the specimens as much as possible, it is necessary that there is a "turnover of blood "(and therefore of individuals) constant within a herd.

Conversely, a cat for which there is no longer a breeding plan needs to be neutered / sterilized, as would be done for a house cat.

Notwithstanding, therefore, the need to cross always new bloodlines and therefore, to insert cats of different family strains over time, if a breeder kept all the cats he sterilizes with him, he would soon have overcrowding problems which, once, they would cause discomfort and stress in cats, putting their own hygiene and health at risk.

In fact, one of the most important causes of physical and psychological stress in cats is the forced coexistence with a too high number of specimens:

the idea that cats need only love and cuddles to live well is a real cliché.

Cats also need large spaces, privacy, exclusive attention, conditions that are impossible to reproduce in a place crowded with other conspecifics.

This is why the choice of a breeder to entrust adults to serious families in which cats can become the true and undisputed darlings of the house, princesses of the sofa, always at the center of attention, is an act of great responsibility and love. by the breeder as well as by immense courage.

In fact, always it being understood that one can also run into breeders who are not very attached to their animals (alas, the news often tells us), for many others, giving up the presence of a cat with whom they have shared part of family life is not an easy detachment to face up to.

But how can you give them away?!? ... it means you don't love them enough!

There is no sentence that hurts me more!

And here I want to speak in first person like Karin, without making a generic speech, but telling you about my experience:

I started my passion in 2006, when I adopted my first Norwegian named  Cagliostro , I then adopted Genny, his partner and from them Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket were born.

All of them have aged here at home with me and Genny, to date (July 2022)   is 16, while Cagliostro, Willy and Charlie have crossed the rainbow bridge. I lived with them old age, illness, I treated and supported them with all my love and dedication, with some of them I lived the ordeal  that you live with cancer patients ... . I cut myself into a thousand pieces to take care of them, the puppies, the adults simultaneously and be always present at 100%   BUT, it is useless to deny that if they were cats adopted by a family and not from a breeder, surely they would have had many more cuddles that instead despite all my dedication and commitment, it was physically impossible and I had to choose who to cuddle less.

All this generated in me a sense of guilt but also a sense of dissatisfaction, for not having been able to fully enjoy my old people ...

This prompted me to ask myself a lot of questions and to make some reflections:  

Is it love to force neutered cats to live in an environment where there are other cats who experience conflicts related to the condition of fertile cats?

It is love  force them to interact with puppies who  stress them because they always want to play, to the point of forcing them to retreat up to avoid them or to blow continuously because they would like to keep blowing peace, how is it right for an adult cat?

Is it love, begging for my attentions and caresses,   that must be divided for everyone? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Is it love,   to keep them with me just because I feel such a strong bond in my stomach that it becomes a physical discomfort, at the thought of separating myself from them?

Is it love to collect cats thinking only of their pain caused by detachment and making them live in overcrowding?

It's love not to give him the opportunity, in another family,

  to have exclusive cuddles on the sofa, serenity, a comfortable home without having to stand aside or have to fight?  

What does it really mean to love my cats?

I can't answer this question without crying ...... and listening to  the voice that screams from the bottom of my stomach ...: _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

If they do not live in peace ... t find them the best family that can make them live  "retirement age" as they deserve!
You have had the honor of walking a stretch of the road with them, they have given you so much affection, you have seen the birth of their children who are here with you and they will pass on their genealogy e  will make many families happy who they will adopt them.

You have had the honor of learning thanks to them what respect means for those who are different from you, you have learned to take care but to let go when the time comes ... Every day,   Raise, it is a challenge  with your own limits, it teaches you to confront your feelings   and to correlate them with the well-being of others ...

Trying to do their good is always the main point and ...

  I think it is an act of great humility to accept when our cat might be better off somewhere else than in our house.

Entrusting your cat, which may have been born to us, which we have raised and loved, which has been important for our breeding, when it does not live satisfactorily in our home, is actually a BIG act of love ...

Of love for our cat, which we want to be happy no matter where he lives.

This to me means really loving my cats . 

If you want to use this text, please give the source, thanks)


In the photos below my beloved Cats who have been rehoming  

Crystal who lives with her nephew Sole, Castella who lives with her son Nelson and Brunilde, Black Coral who lives with her beloved Favetta.

A special mention goes to these REALLY Special Families  who, to welcome them, have created catrun, balconies and spaces enriched in safety and the best possible food, synonymous with Great Respect and Great Love for them. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I can only say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving them the best Life possible . 

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