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How do you understand what the puppy is feeling right now?

How do you know if everything is fine e

which sensazioni test?  Will you be happy to be with us?

Will he be able to settle in our home?


Surely, soon, the little frightened kitten will become master absolute of your home

and it will seem to you that he is always lived with you, but this over time.

Now the little one needs to acquire security and only you,   with your calm and your pazienza you can infuse it.

It is obvious that for you who have brought it to your home with  so much love that wad of fur is a source of pleasant emotions and great happiness. The children of the house, if you have any, will be very excited and impatient to be able to cuddle the kitten and it will not be easy to reign calm, which at this moment is, however, absolutely essential.


A day like any other can truly become a special day if that day,  in your home, a kitten arrives, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cfina we do not know and who does not know us.


This premise summarizes our emotions, but he, the protagonist, the object of so much attention, what is he feeling at this moment? Let's imagine for a moment that we are in his shoes to try to understand him and make this passage as sweet as possible.

We keep in mind that he with his mother and his siblings was fine and had no intention of changing residence. He is afraid, he finds himself alone with people he does not know, the environment in which he was born and lived is no longer there, there is no longer even the reassuring presence of a mother cat under whose belly you could run to take refuge in case of danger and then fall asleep happily to the echo of its purr.

Those were good times! But what is happening now?


He was put in a pet carrier and then, probably, in a car, sounds and noises frighten him and after the journey he will enter a house that is also unknown. he will hide, if he refuses food and does not use the litter box, all this is normal and, unfortunately, inevitable in the acclimatization phase, but we can really make a difference, our attitude, respect and sweetness that we will be able to use towards this creature, not only will it help him to overcome this difficult moment, but it will guarantee us a happy coexistence with a serene and balanced cat.The cat is, in fact, a very sensitive animal and its psyche, especially during childhood , is very prone to suffering trauma which can become very difficult to remove in the future.The password when the puppy arrives home is: CALM.


The quieter the environment and the minimized noises, the easier it will be for the kitten to enter.

As soon as you enter the house, place the pet carrier on the ground, in a secluded place, open the door slowly and observe from a safe distance (escape distance 2-3 meters).

Remember that he does not know you and that, therefore, in his eyes, you represent a danger. His concern at this moment is safety and his atavistic instinct constantly sends him danger signals. The reaction, however, is not always immediate and not always the same, a lot also depends on the character of our kitten.


There are puppies that need two or more days to relax, while others, more self-confident, already eat and play quietly the same evening. In most cases, however, the kitten remains motionless for several minutes curled up in the bottom of the carrier.

Once it is ascertained that everything around him remains quiet, slowly, slowly he gets up and gestures timid steps towards the outside, his belly almost touches the ground and the gait is plush, all his senses are at maximum tension and any noise. even if weak, it makes him jump. With caution he looks out at the exit, towards the outside world and his nose, at the maximum of activity he tries to catch some familiar smell. The whiskers constantly move like radars in all directions and his eyes look for a safe place to hide.


Let him do it, give him time to metabolize it all.

Do not be tempted to go to meet him, this would be a very wrong move on your part, remember the "escape distance" and respect it. Probably he, after an initial moment of bewilderment, will run to hide in the place that will seem safest to him, under a sofa or under a bed and he will want to stay there until he feels more serene.

It must be borne in mind that nature has wanted him this way, distrustful of everything that is unknown and that he must necessarily obey what his instinct imposes on him. Indulge him, always remember that the cat has no owners, the more you try to force him, the more he will rebel against you. He accepts you as you are, but he expects the same from you.


You have to think that nature has given him all the weapons to look after himself without anyone's help, so he doesn't even remotely think he needs you. Unlike the dog that needs to belong to a pack in order to live, the cat is an individualist par excellence. His affection is never as obvious as that of the dog, obtaining it is an achievement that once achieved will be the greatest reward for our efforts. So be indifferent, surely in a short time you will see him reappear, always stealthy, but certainly less frightened.

The stomach that sooner or later will claim and the innate curiosity of the cat will do the rest, especially if under his little face, the master, will make a ribbon move slowly and slowly and when he approaches, slowly, a friendly hand will gently caress him. It may be that in the face of so much confidence he will try to take refuge again in his hiding place. Nothing wrong with that, from his point of view, prudence is never too much, but if he won't do it and will allow you to keep touching him, know that the best is done at this point.

Calmly try to pick him up by lifting him from under the belly and bring him close to the chest.

He will sneak under your clothes, feel the heat of your body and your heart beating, just like that of the mother cat and this situation will remind him of when he slept curled up with his siblings.

Caress him with confidence, your hand reminds him of the maternal licks, if when you touch his neck you exert a slight squeeze behind the ears you will give him a little thrill of pleasure, in fact, when the cat has to move her kittens, she grabs them with her mouth behind the neck and lifts them. This gesture of love causes the puppy to abandon itself completely. When you feel relaxed, a scratch under the chin will almost certainly trigger the start of a purr concert and a languid gaze will meet your gaze.

Now the road is open, the relationship of trust begins to be established, from here to eternal love the step will be short, just abandon yourself in the wonderful eyes of your cat.


Good life my puppies !!

Karin - Disir Nornir Kennel


Written by: Brunetti and Stroscio Veterinary Clinic

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