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The True * Origin of the Norwegian Forest Cat

 Written by Laura Achenza

Traveler, whoever you are, you have come here to hear our story, and I ask the wind to let me tell ...


At the beginning of time Odin, the Exalted, the father of all, created the whole universe and divided it into nine worlds so that every creature would find its place in it; in fact, their forms were many: giants of the mountains and Thursi of the frost, dwarves incomparable master craftsmen, dark elves blacker than pitch and elves of light more beautiful than the sun; Man was entrusted with Midgard, the middle earth, while the luminous gods, the ASI, lived in the stronghold of Asgard and there, from their magnificent thrones, still today observe and rule all the worlds….


Two crows are faithful companions of Odin who every day, at dawn, fly into the worlds and in the evening, at sunset, return, bringing back to their Lord everything that happens there. One day they reported to Odin that the Men of the Northlands were sad and lonely in the long winter night, in which darkness and cold reign supreme.

All the ASI were then summoned to the council and each of them proposed to give men their own prodigy:

Odin his horse Sleipnir who knows no fatigue and rides in the air, on land and on water;

Thor his precious hammer to break the ice;

Sif its long and luminous hair to dispel the darkness;

Freyr his magical vessel, which always has favorable winds as soon as the sail is raised,

and .... Freyja offered her cats ....

The ASI Assembly established that, although all of them were prodigious gifts, the one that could truly warm both the body and the heart of the northerners were ... the cats of Freyja.


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Freyja will therefore have to part with the beloved company of her cats, but she, the goddess of love, knows that there is no better way to spread it around the world! He then decides, for the greater comfort of men and his own cats, to give them an additional magical banner: the sound of Love and Peace that will resound, in Midgard, every time a cat decides to purr .... and Freyja, every time, will be there to listen to him ...

In return, however, he asks that his cats spread to every corner of the world, so that everyone can enjoy their magical presence.

Therefore the ASI decide that Freyr's vessel will also be given as a gift so that the men of the North can sail everywhere and bring, in honor of the generous gods, Freyja's cats throughout Midgard .


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At the winter solstice, in the darkest night of the year, the vessel was laid down in a long fjord sheltered from the winds, which will therefore take the name of Sognefjord, the fjord of the dream, and Freyja accompanied her cats to the edge of the forest which stood near a village on a clearing; from that day, his cats belonged to the Norwegian forests and the world of men.


Men honored the ancient pact with the Gods, and for centuries they carried the mighty creatures on their ships to every known or hitherto unknown land ...

Other Men came and, renewing the covenant, they wanted to give recognition to the race which they called, in memory of their first home on earth, Cats of the Norwegian forests.


In their homage they still bear these names proudly today:

Vikjngs, Disir Nornir, Freya's Chariot, Of the Ancient Runes, Yggdrassil, Aesir, Lifthasir, Drakkar,  ASI e Vanir, Asgard, Vanaheim, Niflheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Midgotheim, Midgardheim  Odino, Thorr, Freyja, Bestla, Vidharr, Verdandi, Vali, Var.

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Now my story has come to an end, but I want to reveal to you one last arcane secret: when your Norwegian cat stops enraptured, and his gaze seems to be playing with the air, know that he is in front of Freyja and for a moment, once again, together, they wander through the nine worlds… ..and you too, if your bond with him is intense, you will be able to see them in the distance.

Therefore, remember to love and honor Freyja's gift forever ...



I drew inspiration from historical texts and literary sources of Norse mythology, but I would like to clarify that the story is pure fantasy, and wants to celebrate and cloak these cats that I love immensely with noble origins.

It is therefore a tribute to them and to all fans of this splendid breed.




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