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I DO NOT SELL the life of cats


Let's clarify a concept immediately: "I don't sell the life of cats."
I, a 21st century farmer, ask to pay the price for my work. That's all.
Follow the cats day and night, every day of the year, all life, always without holidays, always available, with the expense of many investments made to make them feel good, feed them every day as best as possible, to pay veterinary expenses, well all this has a price!
And this price someone has to pay since the animals don't go to work alone, they don't decide to get married and set up a house, and they don't bother themselves to raise their puppies.
Since cat weddings have to be decided by us, being pets, since the cat's health is in our exclusive hands, since veterinarians, feeders and specialists get paid, it is impossible to carry out the task of breeder without perceiving a reasonable income, not based on the value of the life of a living being, but based on the cost necessary to reach him.
Each cat is as good as the other. A half-breed is no less than a purebred cat.
A purebred cat is not a better living being or having more rights by its birth than a foundling.
The choice of going to the cattery to get a cat can be as noble and as noble as that of going to a kennel, you just need to know what you are doing!


Very often people do the math in your pocket, and wonder why you can ask for a certain amount for a cat.

  They make two quick calculations, how much the feed costs, how much does a vaccine and a microchip cost and they ask, or ask you, or think about it, how you can ask for such exorbitant amounts as hundreds of euros.

Many from ignorant buyers, become ignorant breeders, thinking of making tons of money, and mostly end up giving up after some time, when they are tired and worn out from the effort it takes to be breeders, leaving their cats to the first that happens or to the nearest cattery, or they end up becoming vine traders.


Breeding does not mean giving birth to a litter ..
He is not a breeder who, having a female in his house, makes her reproduce and then arranges the puppies, as it is not to generate a child that makes you a mother, or is minimally so, but rather to raise him, love him, protect him.
We as parents are mostly the fruit of how our parents were with us ..

You are a breeder when you are able, litter after litter, to give birth to healthy little ones, who will be appreciated, loved, understood, and when you make a contribution to the species and breed in question, improving it, when you help people understand their own. animals, improving their life, or preventing them from ruining it by taking an unsuitable four-legged friend.


A purebred cat is not a luxury item to own.
A purebred cat is “any cat” because it is followed, because it is loved, wanted, because it is known, and because for these reasons it can make others happy.

Mestizo is not synonymous with "nothing", "bastard", cat of no importance, but should only be a sign of "cat born of parents of different, unknown or not definable breed".
Mestizo could also mean "to be unique" and for this reason perhaps even more particular, precious ...

The fact that a mestizo has fantastic qualities does not make all mestizos suitable for the same person.

I love any cat, but I breed purebred cats because I try to give birth to cats suitable for my life, cats suitable for certain people, cats that are happy, and to do this, it is more practical and safer to be sure of how they will be. these cats, rather than relying on chance. This is how the races were born ..

In a hypothetical perfect world without chains, only the strongest and most useful animal would win and reproduce.

In this life, the only one I know, the strongest cat is the most useful to man, and he has more chances of having a good life, and I want to give birth to lucky and beloved cats, cats that are important to someone. Giving birth to useless cats would always make me tremble for their life ...

I don't want my cats to pity and be taken blindly, out of mercy. I want my cats to be useful, that people recognize their qualities and want them with them even if it costs money to maintain them, because they realize that they give something more to our life.

 A serving cat is a cat that can find accommodation even as an adult, in the unfortunate case its owner can no longer take care of it.
Un cat  taken only for mercy will always be in the hands of his god man, at his mercy, and I do not want_cc781905-5cde-319458-bb3cb-136d.


**** Say that i cats should all be taken in the gattili and that the_cc7905 -3145b3b-84bd81-3194bd81-3194bd81-3194bd81-3194bd81- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_do not buy, it is pure e stupida demagogia_cc781905-5cde-3194-bbcia_bad5 who does not need to exchange animals for no one objects, and it is unfortunately often to say this *****


Maybe the best, the kindest and most unselfish of us stop having children of their own to go and adopt all the starving children in the world?

  Perhaps we give up the joy, the happiness of having our child, a little one who grows naturally, happily with us, without ever having suffered stress or having had problems or illnesses, due to the fact that many children suffer in other parts of the world? The suffering, the sadness of life, can make us all stop living a natural life and for this reason it also makes us happy?

Should the feline species all go through abandonment? will we have to have one day only cats born by chance due to some criminal who has abandoned, abused, indiscriminately mated? Cats are not all the same. They must all enjoy the same rights of course, because no one is to blame, but they are very different from each other, in terms of capacity and health. We cannot allow "pathology", abandonment, to become the basis of the cats of tomorrow . 

Altruism must not and cannot lead us towards illness, towards an unnatural life, just as it is unfair that sick purebred cats are born, full of pathologies that can be cured only because medicine today has made considerable progress (a cat of sick race is the most disgusting thing that can be!).

So why are many often ready to cheer up farmers? Why are they so quickly ready to do the math in their pocket?

When animal rights activists take it out against breeders, well, I always think that we have not understood each other, that they have not understood that we are on the exact same side, that of the defense of animals. I could never blame those who love animals, even if they make wrong arguments in many other ways. I hope that by reading these lines of mine someone will realize that we are not all the same, neither they nor us.
In many other cases, however, the problem is money ... and sometimes ignorance, and the two things joined together, do the rest.

Well, whoever thinks that breeding means making money at the expense of animals, may he try it himself,
that you spend a lifetime getting up at night to check on puppies, to follow dying or ailing elderly people, that you answer the phone all day long to people who need advice for growth, that you collect tons of poop (this particular fragrant of our life does not many calculate it, but perhaps it is the most present constant), that he deprives himself of vacation, private life, of a normal life, and after we will see if in the end he will still think so.


Oh sure, you can not do all this .. You can be architects, engineers, bankers, and in the leftovers of time go and serve a meal to two animals kept in cages. You can find time to deliver the puppies but not time to meet people's needs. You can find the money to pay for advertisers and almost always illegal workers to better sell your goods ... Even today in Italy, you can be vine merchants, but this does not mean that we are all like this ._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


It does not mean that the fact that there are those who take advantage of the gatti  and the naivety of others, we are all like that.

Maybe a babysitter doesn't pay? Maybe a teacher or a doctor shouldn't get paid because they are all figures who should think more about loving than surviving?
But how? But you should do it out of passion, some say when they have to pay these gentlemen's fees ..


But since when do people who love their neighbors and animals live on nothing?
Shouldn't she be paid just more, because life is based on it? The foundation for everything else?

Why instead of trying to reward better those who in addition to providing us a job also gives examples of pure love, we do nothing but mortify them and try to give them as little as possible by leveraging their love for life and for what they do?

A kennel does not have the costs of a single litter, but those of an entire human life to get to that litter. In a farm there are gatti sani that reproduce and gatti_gatti sani that reproduce and gatti_gatti_cc3b5 -136bad5cf58d_con  some disease and that will never reproduce,  gattianziani, but who are equally loved and_cc781_bad-136-badd5-136 often spend a lot of money, and these must also come through the lucky ones. In the farms look for i gatti olders, because these will be a guarantee for  the farmer is always good, money is not always good. they are more and more beautiful.
For a litter that is born and grows up healthy, there are often others in which everything went wrong, in which good money was spent to travel far in search of a worthy husband for our female, but maybe few puppies were born, maybe the mother had to undergo a caesarean surgery, maybe all the little ones died, maybe she didn't get pregnant and there are only the costs to pay ..

A farm also has all the very expensive costs due to health and administrative permits to raise, to building ones, the structures necessary to make all animals feel good, at the expense of surveyors, agronomists and accountants, but nobody thinks about this.

It is one thing to have a healthy female who has a wonderful litter in her own home, and everything looks beautiful and goes beautifully, and makes the joy of birth seem like a trifle, and another thing is to give birth and repeat this miracle of life over and over to give. this joy to many people.

Nobody talks about all the people who, having a litter at home, found themselves faced with the shock of a first-parent mother, taken by convulsions, or the one who cannot give birth ... or the one who had ruptured uterus. The comparison to diminish the work of breeders is always and only with the very lucky litters for which few expenses were needed.


A private individual who has a lot of knowledge on the gatti, who has spent all his free time for the passione on felines and who is willing to give all his love to others in terms of puppies is often a wonderful choice to find a puppy, I say this first, but there are very few of these people if you relate them to all the people who instead want and need the affection of an animal.

The breeder and his way of breeding are nothing more than the fruit of the society that surrounds us.
If there are vine dealers it is because there are people who al gatto degive the value of an object, who_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d the fact that they are rewarding an exploiter of lives.


  If animal life were given more value, it would be much easier for farmers to make animals feel good too, and only animal lovers would proliferate, because people would immediately recognize traders as an end in themselves and would always be ready to reward well for what really matters.


And do we forget the tax authorities? Being a breeder also means paying taxes eh! Yet as soon as you name the VAT, people instead of being happy to have an invoice in their hands for the money given, instead of being happy for contributing a part of their money to this Italy that is doing so badly, instead of being happy to have a dealing with an honest person, takes and changes the air. (we are talking about professional breeders, when we are talking about amateurs, the equivalent is to have the contract in hand))

Having an invoice in hand for a purchase that will live at least ten years, it seems to me anything but silly, even economically and commercially speaking, considering the unpredictability of life, the difficulty of breeding well and the mysteries of genetics . It is one thing not to pay VAT for a coffee (and this is also wrong), and an account, much more foolish, is to have no trace of an often substantial payment, for something that will be with us for a long time.

When money has to be perceived, they are all ready, kind, fast… but when the money is gone, things change, and all this kindness becomes a memory.

Merchants have no time for kindness, and they even respond to rude ones, because they only have money in mind ... Will it come or won't it? This is their constant thought. A trader does not waste time in a thousand photos, he does not know the details of the life of his gatti. He doesn't waste much time in visits, he goes fast, he has no time to waste, yet there are people who from this false demeanor, from this icy coldness, sometimes from a jacket and a tie, from two notions about race that anyone could learn, gets intimidated into submitting to it, and end up rewarding it.

A breeder should always have the answers ready to all or most of the questions of every buyer ... He should at least know his subject inside out.


**** It is for this reason that nowadays we don't even reply to e-mails where they spartanly ask us only the price. ****** _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


When we feel full of philanthropism, we try to educate the most obviously ignorant without malice, but when someone asks us about gatti  based on the stains of the coat, on the basis of sex to type of pedigree and that's it, well then it will just find a wall in your face and won't have any answer.

We all love beauty, we all want to choose, we are all curious, we want to think for ourselves, but many of us also have to learn what it means to breed, and what are the important things to look at.

Many think that if they choose first they will get the best cats, something to brag about forever and that will also give them love, because they are taken by an inordinate feeling of victory and optimism.

"I want the certainty that the cat will become huge" ".... This is heard every now and then .... Please go elsewhere, I answer ...

Given that to make the first choice and actually get a cat with certain skills it takes a lot of knowledge about the breed, the bloodline, cats in general and the ways in which kittens are managed, not always the first choice. , even on many, it is equivalent to a cat with great gifts.
It all depends on who the parents are, what these puppies are like, who they choose.
The best cat for me, to breed, to compensate for the shortcomings of my other cats, is not necessarily the same for a person who will have that cat and that's it for life.
The best cat for me, who love taciturn and not very clingy cats, is not necessarily the best for another.

Finally, tell me how I can best do my job as a breeder, how can I find a happy home and people who love my kittens, when I am asked for a cat with spots on its back well arranged vertically? As if you were choosing home furnishings? Tell me how I can think of animal welfare, when people want to take the cat for the festive occasion, regardless of the fact that the kittens need a certain amount of time to spend with their mother, to be sociable and safe cats when they grow up. of himself?
Sometimes for three months I constantly change my mind about puppies, I have an enormous effort to understand which are the qualities of a puppy that are most suitable for me, yet many people, in no time at all, are convinced to come and play Bingo!

How can curiosity, arrogance, haste ... and finally the money that each of us can spend up to a certain point can be reconciled with the most important thing: the life of the animal?

When you have to get a cat, consider your life well, and look for the most suitable cat to make it happy and serene.
If you get the right cat, everything will appear easier and even giving love and cuddles will be simple. It is useless to go and get the cat from the cattery filled with a sense of pity, not having enough feline knowledge to recover an often traumatized character, not having the money to pay an educator to recover this traumatized character, and not taking a cat congenial to ours. life needs .... and often having a complicated one too.
What can the lady who lives in an apartment full of crystals and antique carpets do with it, with a cat that as a puppy was in so much pain and needed help, but when grown up by its nature and not its fault, loves to jump from one piece of furniture to another, nail the carpet or the armchairs ?? _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Doing good is wonderful and I recommend it to everyone, but you also need to know how to do it.
And choosing a cat may seem easy, but it isn't. You have to know yourself well to the extent that you are ready to accept the life of a cat with us.


 We often want cute and hyper active cats like Bengals, but then do we have time for them?

Almost always we want the puppy and not the most grown cat, but then maybe we work all day and we don't have the time to follow the growth of this puppy.


 What do we need then to indulge this morbid desire of ours? To make an animal grow badly? Feeling lonely and insecure and making him become a frustrated adult to be led to re-educate, if not worse, that he can no longer bear? Wouldn't it be better to take an adult who may have returned to the farm due to bad luck, life cases, and who would require less time to devote to him? An adult is no less than a puppy.


So first advice: let's take the breed that suits us, but not only! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


After studying the characteristics of the breed, let's see if the cats of that breeding correspond to the standard.

Let's go and see if those individual cats, that male, that female, that breeder, are as we imagine them. It does not matter if you take a cat that is not standard, spotted differently or that does not have the characteristics of the breed. 

It matters to get a cat that suits us first!

It does not matter to take it purebred or mestizo, it matters to take it easy to love, suitable for our life and healthy.

The purebred cat should just be the right cat for us. It should be a cat that gives us certainties or at least greater probabilities of health than the orphan or the cat born by chance and whose character we cannot predict.

The latter will not therefore be a worthless cat, it will only be an unknown factor, and therefore a more difficult cat "in theory" and for which owners even more experienced and prepared for "everything" will be needed, but welcome!

A breeder must pay for the work on knowing the character of their cats, not the fact of owning them.
When someone asks me for a cat to go to the show, you can see that he didn't understand anything about me.

I am looking for owners who love my cats for who they are and for themselves mainly. I don't care if they win fashion shows with my cat.


And even with this, like everyone else, I love beautiful cats. Does it seem irreconcilable as what? And why? Maybe there is the need to show the beauty or the love that one possesses?
Of course, you can also do exhibitions and parades, as in fact we do every now and then, enjoying victories like everyone else, you can have fun doing everything when you are comfortable together and happy, but this cannot be the basis. for a relationship.

I don't want people who win cups with my cats, I don't want to satisfy someone's delicate aesthetic sense with my cats .. I want to give them friends forever. Cats to love and who are able to return this love.
I want to give cats suitable for people and I want people to be suitable for them. I want to be clear about the characteristics of my cats, and when they differ from the standard or the average of other dogs, I mention it.
I want to be called in the middle of the night if my cats are sick, I want to be tormented with questions because this is my life and there is nothing more beautiful than being able to teach what you know. There is nothing more beautiful than having a passion since we were children and passing it on, sharing it, making it grow day after day thanks to the questions and doubts of others, thanks to experience.
This is paid for by a breeder ... the experience ... the knowledge ... not the possession of a cat, not the possession of a life.

Everyone is good at buying, you just need the money. The aesthetic sense could have anyone, even the most selfish person or animal abuser in the world, but time, this simple thing, availability, humility, the ability to get dirty with mud and laugh with your cat, can to have only one father, only a breeder who truly loves his animal children.


Always try to find out about the real characteristics of the breeding and the cats present. Pay someone for the good they have done and will do, not for their animal collection.


First worry about whether a given animal is right for you, and about finding it, because once you find this, money is the least of the things. The expense for the purchase of a cat is really nothing compared to the good they can give us, but nevertheless we understand first, having never been rich, even this difficulty.

Well, better wait then, and get the right cat from the right person, rather than running towards a trader, towards disappointments, towards a wrong relationship with an animal with which no one will help us later.
A cat can cost a hundred euros, but an intervention to treat it can cost thousands of euros immediately and thousands more throughout life to continue the care. A cat can be healthy but if it has a bad temper, it will not only require basic education, but the expensive advice of a behaviorist will be needed. And how much does mental health, tranquility, joy inside a house cost? I'll tell you ... it's priceless.
For this reason I never try to saddle my cat on the first come as if nothing had happened ...

The best advertisement for me as a breeder is not the cat who wins a trophy, but the happy cat who lives with his human friend who is radiant with joy to be able to share his life with him. This is the image of my cats that I want to have in my mind, this is what I want to convey.


In this kennel no show cats are born, cats with a label other than the one that first of all are cats that I like and are useful to my life, because without use, without real passion, nothing can come well. Disir Nornir cats are born here-
If you don't need a cat, you can't love it, it's not useful to you, then you won't be happy and you won't be able to build anything good.
If, on the other hand, you live your cats to the fullest, if you know everything about them because they make you happy and make you want to deepen your knowledge every day, then you will grow in your passion and pass on something concrete to people.


It is not important to own champions, it is important to love your animals and to be able to talk for hours.
Standards change, cats get sick, they get hurt, but the joy they give us remains forever.

It does not matter if a cat has smaller ears than the standard, it only counts if that cat is in standard with my life and that of those who ask me.


Cats do not take themselves for show as they do not take for pity. They take themselves to love them and to be loved.

There is nothing immoral in longing to be loved, just as there is nothing immoral in longing for a wife or husband who will make us proud and happy.
Purebred cat   must mean "easier cat for our life", "easier to love", "cat with a family that will help you in difficult moments" ..
For this you pay a breeder…. To reward him, to help him do better and better and to have help in turn.

Here, I hope with these lines I have given some help to understand us, to those who often ask themselves “why buy a cat”…. "how much does a puppy cost"?

cats are not bought, but anyone who works pays for itself.

For your sake always look for someone who talks, who explains, who can be found often, not who is there for an hour a day, who is never found, who asks only and gives nothing, because if someone does not have time to respond to you, it almost certainly doesn't even have time for cats.


  Who does not know the weight of his cat, the condition of the coat, the nuances of the character, the details ... is someone who owns it but does not love it, or does not have time to love it ...
Always get a contract or  bill or a receipt for how much you pay, because whoever has nothing to hide and does everything right will have no problem guaranteeing your pet, and will give it perfect ... vaccinated, registered, guaranteed forever.
Those who love their cats give them away with difficulty and are suspicious, they want to know who is on the other side.

On the other hand, those who want to get rid of them or make money will often make everything easy, will answer briefly but also to dry and rude questions, will not be offended because they have no pride or love to defend, but only think about income.
Who does not want to leave traces in the life of the cat, does not give answers by e-mail, no prices except live, no receipts, no bills or extremely low bills compared to the truth, no vaccines or chips, is someone who wants to hide, and of which one must be wary.

If something is done right, it can be done in the open, it can be talked about anytime, anywhere.

Avoid those who invite you to the kennel instead of answering your questions on the phone, because they want to lure you to move you with a few puppy eyes.

Run away where you read "prompt delivery" .. "Puppies always"…. "Puppies for every pocket"….

Remember that puppies are always healthy except for exceptions, and that problems, diseases, come after a while, but they last a long time and are more expensive than buying a well-paid puppy. As a machine of any brand it will work well in the early days .. the difference of a dog based on quality you will only see it in the years to come.


On the other hand, do not expect the moon, cats are not appliances, and if a puppy should show problems, try to understand that it is not possible to foresee everything.

They are beings of flesh and blood, the imponderable will always be there.


Do not think it is good to pay a puppy to take it away from a badly behaved breeder, because with your money he will give birth to double the unfortunate ones. Leave that puppy where it is to prevent others from suffering like it.

If you have big doubts rather report!

For all these reasons we will always have a lot of time for those who have it for us, we will ask to be paid for what we have worked and everything will be regularly billed, we will always be traceable for every question, we will avoid providing too many photos of small puppies or showing them continuously. , or to choose them before the age useful for fostering, to avoid indulging people in a hurry and not really fond of cats, since you cannot say much or advise anything about a puppy that is too small. -136bad5cf58d_

But then when the puppy passes by we will give a souvenir album of all the photos and details of the baby's growth, because we do not want to hide, but to avoid growing morbid curiosity and impatience.

A puppy must be chosen calmly because it must be loved deeply forever, so if someone is in a hurry, we prefer that he change direction compared to us.

We do not like exhibitors, a category that should not exist, but this does not mean that we will give birth to ugly dogs, useless or contrary to the "sense of race".
Simply for us they are all beautiful because our children are desired, but we will not charge more for those capable of indulging the taste of some judge.
Our work is the same whether we do our utmost for the puppy that fortunately is born more beautiful, or for the one that is born appreciable to the tastes of fewer people.


We don't sell luxury cars, we don't sell lives, and we will never go out of our way to satisfy anyone's aesthetic taste.
The costs will vary a little from one litter to another at times, depending on the difficulties encountered or the expenses incurred to get to those data puppies, but they will never be astronomical or miserable.

We ask to sign a contract to all those who will take one of our puppies, where they will undertake if they have to reproduce it, to take the same responsibilities as ours towards the new families and the health of the species and the breed, but we will also be generous with advice for those who wanted this joy. We who nurture are the first to understand the joy of birth, care, of being mothers and fathers, how could we not help those who want to do the same?

But as with all things, everything must be done well, if it can be done, and without haste ...

We will forever be friends and a second family for all those who love animals like us ..

We don't run a shop, so you can't show up at the gate as if we are always open or have a collection of butterflies to show you.

We have many commitments with our cats, a lot of care to give them and therefore we must first of all perform these, and then by appointment, also show the fruit of our work.
I know, many times it is said in the environment that the ideal to understand how they work in pensions and farms is better to fall upon them suddenly, and it would also be true, as it would be for each category to be able to control phone calls, conversations, private life … .But it is illegal as well as impractical.

Certainly those who have many difficulties in meeting people, do not give a good image of themselves. We always try to be as available as possible, but we also need to plan our lives, so if it comes to your mind to improvise, know that we would certainly be forced to send you back home, from wherever you have arrived.

Announcing a visit in time is also a matter of good manners.


We will not jump to the throat of those who tell us that they want to give a cat to their child, on the contrary, we are pleased that children are educated in love for animals, but as a parent, it is he who we will ask to take responsibility for the cat, and we would also like to know the life expectancy of the cat. They are not toys but living beings!

We do not sell cats to give to third parties without knowing them, and we do sign a contract in which they declare to take the cat "for themselves" and not for sale or transfer of material to third parties.

We ask for the right of first refusal in case a person no longer wants our cat to avoid that dishonest ones we don't want to give cats to, send them complacent friends in their place.
We sell cats only to those who plan to keep them for life, not to those who think of taking them on trial as objects
and then getting rid of them if they don't go well.




I feel totally in tune with what these dog breeders have written and   I don't find any difference in breeding cats.


If all this were not enough to understand the breeder's profession ... here is an attempt to quantify the above:  https: // of-forest-farming-idisir-nornir / receipt-how much-does-it-cost-to-a-breeder-norwegian-forest- / 483172488392725

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